I teach clients at home, in offices or from a gym in Knightsbridge. I also teach both groups and individuals online.

Although some of my clients incorporate weekly yoga into their training schedule, others may want to work on something specific as a shorter-term project. Similarly, teams and corporate clients often want one-off workshops with a specific focus.

Please see some of my example packages below, all of which can be modified to meet your needs. Please contact me to discuss your objectives so that I can suggest a tailored solution.

Sports Yoga Intensive (Individual)

The perfect option if you have a specific complaint or goal.

We start with an initial Range of Motion (ROM) and stability assessment to identify priorities. I will then create a tailored programme for you to practise twice a week, alone or with me. After six weeks, we will do another assessment to measure progress.

Initial in-person* assessment; video of programme to follow at home; in-person session after 3 weeks to check progress; final in-person assessment at 6 weeks.

All Basic inclusions, plus a weekly in-person session; post-programme action plan to create new priorities.

*In-person sessions can also be delivered online.

Sleep Package
(Individual or Group)

If you struggle with sleep, then help is at hand. This five-week course addresses the reasons for poor sleep, layer by layer. We start with lifestyle factors that can affect sleep, and how these can be realistically addressed within your work and personal life demands. You will then learn yoga-based techniques to help you unwind your body and mind to fall asleep more easily, get back to sleep if you wake in the night, and to manage your energy levels when you’ve not slept well.

This programme can be delivered to individuals or groups and can be delivered both online, at home or in an office environment with no equipment.

A five week course delivered live or online, with one 75 minute session per week. Includes exercises to practise at home.

Workshops for Teams & Corporates

If committing to a long programme is inaccessible for your team or group, a shorter workshop is the perfect solution. These workshops combine educational content with practical exercises that individuals can start using immediately.

These sessions are tailored to your requirements and typically last 2-3 hours. Example workshops include:

Sleep Basics
Gain a basic understanding of the factors that affect sleep and learn practical tools to use immediately.

Stress and Anxiety
Learn to use movement and breath to better regulate your nervous system.

Core Stability
Reduce pain and injury, and improve performance. Learn to engage the core properly and to train it more effectively.

Take Your First Open Class Free

Taking live classes online can be nerve-wracking but you’re always welcome here. Try your first Open Class for free to see if the style and pace of my teaching suits you. Simply get in touch for details of my Sunday morning flow. See you in the Zoom room!

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