Sports Yoga for Athletes

Sports yoga is ideal for athletes of all abilities, from hobby runners to professionals of all sports. Every sport has its particular movement patterns that can lead to common restrictions and dysfunctions if left unattended. Without incorporating mobility and stability work, it’s easy to develop poor postural habits and chronic limitations that can increase the risk of injury, impact performance and risk long-term pain.

Using yoga-based techniques, I work with clients to help them make performance gains by way of greater power transference, better endurance, improved recovery times and ultimately greater longevity in their sport. I teach these classes privately both for individuals and clubs.


Chronic shortening of muscles leads to reduced range of motion in the affected joints. We use a range of movements to gain better flexibility and return joints to normal range of motion.


Core stability is about more than a six pack! We work to isolate the core without bracing the entire body, in order to create better power transference and more efficient movement.

Healthy Spinal Movement

A healthy spine is critical to healthy movement. We pattern healthy spinal articulation to bring fluidity and ease back to your sports performance.


The breath can help or hinder sports performance, so understanding good breathing is critical. We train breathing in all movement, creating a more powerful practice which results in better performance gains.
“As a relative novice to yoga and someone who has a busy work schedule I was initially reluctant to take the plunge into it as a discipline. My preconceptions could not have been more wrong and I was amazed at how easy and accessible Raha made everything.

Mindful of an existing sports injury to my ankle, she developed sessions to accommodate this and helped me achieve not only increased flexibility from a practical point of view but also left me with a profound personal enjoyment of yoga. Her teaching methods are calm, attentive, knowledgeable and always tailored to your end goal.

I would recommend Raha to literally anyone interested in an introduction to yoga.”

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Taking live classes online can be nerve-wracking but you're always welcome here. Try your first Open Class for free to see if the style and pace of my teaching suits you. Simply get in touch and let me know which class you're interested in. See you in the Zoom room!

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